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About Series 1

The inaugural series of The Art Hustle was released in July, 2010.

Series 1 is distinguished by colorful borders on both the profile and art cards, and by the red wax wrappers. There are 164 cards, with over 75 contributing artists and personalities. There are 15 box top variations.


Included in each Series 1 box: Bubble Gum, 36 Wax Packs, Artist Profile Cards, Art Cards, 2 Original Art Cards, 10 Signature Cards and 1 Guess the Hand Card


The Series 1 Factory Set contains the Series 1 base set plus exclusive inserts not available in regularly issued Series 1 boxes, including the Travis Louie profile and art card, the Frank Kozik metal as fuck silkscreen card, and a Vectar (The Sucklord variant) original art card. Available from


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Card Highlights

Originally produced for the 2011 New York Comic Con, these short videos feature Series 1 artist profile cards, art cards and a selection of original art cards. Additional videos are available on The Art Hustle's YouTube channel.

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Guess the Hand
Video Recap

The Series 1 Guess the Hand card features a caped finger. Who is the mystery artist behind this hand gesture? That's right, The Sucklord!

On December 31, 2010, the name of the lucky winner was pulled. The prize was a Suckadelic Guess the Hand Exclusive resin figure. View Video Recap of our exciting visit to the Sucklord's legendary Chinatown studio.

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The Art Hustle is a boutique trading card series exhibiting contemporary artists and art.

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